Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 is now available to purchase online and in stores.

First announced in early April, Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 builds in support for technological developments in the wider world, such as tablet-based digital magazines, HTML5 on the web, and stereoscopic video production.

Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 products are immediately available through Adobe Authorised Resellers, the Adobe Store at Estimated street price for the suites is £2,303 for CS5.5 Master Collection, £1,509 for CS5.5 Design Premium, £1,429 for CS5.5 Web Premium, £1,509 for CS5.5 Production Premium and £1,032 for CS5.5 Design Standard. Upgrade pricing and volume licensing are available.

Upgrades from CS5 cost £317 for Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium, £238 for CS5.5 Design Standard, £278 for CS5.5 Web Premium, and £476 for the CS5.5 Master Collection. Upgrades from CS5 for single products are £143 for After Effects CS5.5, £96 for Dreamweaver CS5.5, £95 for Flash Pro CS5.5, and £143 for Premiere Pro CS5.5. All of these prices exclude VAT.

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Adobe has also announced a subscription option for Creative Suite 5.5 and some of its single products. Not available to licensing customers, it’s designed to make it easier for smaller companies to manage costs – or quickly add an extra copy when you’ve got a freelancer in for a big project.

Creative Suite 5.5 Design Standard costs £52 per month if subscribed to for a year, or £79 on a per-month basis. CS5.5 Design Premium costs £72/£108. CS5.5 Web Premium costs £72/£108. CS5.5 Production Premium costs £76/£111. CS5.5 Master Collection costs £116/£174. After Effects CS5.5 costs £39/£63. Dreamweaver CS5.5 costs £16/£24. Flash Professional CS5.5 costs £28/£39. Illustrator CS5.5 costs £24/£39. InDesign CS5.5 costs £31/£47. Photoshop CS5.5 costs £28/£39. Photoshop Extended CS5.5 costs £39/£60. Premiere Pro CS5.5 costs £31/£47.

David Wadhwani, senior vice president and general manager, Creative and Interactive Solutions, Adobe, said: "Adobe is leading the charge for HTML5 authoring with new capabilities in Creative Suite 5.5 that will radically enhance the delivery of HTML content across multiple browsers -- on the desktop, tablets and smartphones.

"For creators of mobile apps on iOS, Android or BlackBerry Tablet OS, our latest Flash tools deliver stunning high-performance apps, without having to start from scratch for every device," he continued.