Adobe has discontinued its website creation suite GoLive in favour of Dreamweaver, announcing it has ceased development and sales of the product, starting today.

The end of support for the venerable product follows Adobe's acquisition of Macromedia in late 2005, when it bought alternate website creation suite Dreamweaver into its fold.

“GoLive helped creative professionals to support what was then a new market trend,” said GoLive product manager Devin Fernandez. “That is, design moving to the web. Even after GoLive 9 came out people were drawn to Dreamweaver,” Fernandez told Macworld, “especially around features and support for technology like AJAX and CSS Starter Points. Dreamweaver also supports dynamic content, while GoLive doesn’t.”

Adobe will continue to support GoLive users with online tutorials and migration assistance created by usage experts, and is offering existing GoLive users a chance to upgrade to Dreamweaver for c.$199.

More information on this news should be made available through the Adobe website during the day.