Following Adobe's announcement that the next version of its Production Studio suite of video applications will be released on the Mac, After Effects product manager Steve Kilisky has given more information about the decision in his blog.

According to a Macworld sister-magazine Digit report, Kilisky writes: "It was a very difficult business decision to go Windows-only when we decided to start with a clean sheet of paper to develop Premiere Pro 1.0. We also believed that if we were successful in developing a strong integrated workflow around After Effects, Premiere, Encore, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more recently Flash, that customers on both Mac and Windows – no matter which non-linear video editor they chose to use would hopefully see the value in the Adobe post-production solution and we could make a strong business decision to return to being cross-platform."

Kilisky notes that at a recent event, around half of the audience raised their hands in support for a cross-platform version of the Production Studio. He also hopes that the news will end speculation that the next version of After Effects would be Windows-only – though he is bound to start his own round of rumours by ending with the line: "Now what about Linux...".