A newly released Illustrator CS5 tutorial from Infinite Skills is aimed at graphics novices and those coming to Adobe Illustrator for the first time. In Illustrator CS5, Adobe has added features that make the program even more useful to graphics professionals insist the training specialists.

Offered on DVD or via download, the training system is geared as a fully featured introduction, discussing not just tasks and techniques but the underlying concepts that make the program work. Starting with a tour of the program's most basic tools and user workspace, the training goes point by point through basic workflows and tasks, first showing users how to work with basic geometric shapes and gradually working through fills, layers, masks, text and more.

Infinite Skills highlights the most compelling aspect of Illustrator, vector-based drafting with the new release. Unlike the common raster-based designs favoured by Photoshop, vector graphics retain their exact proportionality at any resolution, from business cards to billboards.

Multimedia veteran Andy Anderson teaches the Adobe Illustrator CS5 video course, promising clear narration, drawing from experience as both user and teacher to present examples that are engaging and easy to follow.

Adobe Illustrator CS5 Video Training

Techniques are broken into logical steps, and course files are included that enable even inexperienced viewers to follow the onscreen examples.

In total, the course includes 159 lessons running ten hours in length. The training videos included are suitable for users of both the Mac and Windows versions of Illustrator CS5, and all lessons are playable on both systems.

The tutorial can be ordered on DVD or as a download through the Infinite Skills site. The product page also features several streaming video lessons that can be viewed without registration.

Illustrator CS5 Tutorial DVD - Video Training costs £69/$99/€80.