Adobe has named former Macromedia technologist Kevin Lynch as its new chief technology officer.

The move is significant because no one at Adobe has held that post since the retirement of company co-founder John Warnock seven years ago.

Lynch will focus on improving the internet features of Adobe's product range, charged with developing new ways to view video and animation over the internet. A particularly important move for UK users, where the BBC has plumped for Flash technology for its on-demand iPlayer service.

Lynch already oversees Adobe’s developer relations program, including the integration of customers and partners in the development process through Adobe Labs and customer advisory councils.

Lynch joined Adobe in 2005 when the company acquired Macromedia, where he served as chief software architect and president of product development. Lynch also oversaw the initial development of Dreamweaver.

Lynch studied interactive computer graphics at the University of Illinois, working with artists and engineers in the Electronic Visualization Laboratory. While he was in school, the first Mac was introduced, and Lynch began at his first startup as vice president of product development. He developed and shipped some of the first Mac applications, including a graphical adventure game in 1984, a 3D graphics package in 1985, and a desktop publishing application in 1987, which introduced user interface elements in common use today.