iPad 2 owners can now download Adobe's Photoshop Touch app for their device.

After briefly appearing on the App Store over the weekend but being quickly pulled down, according to a report on Apple Insider, the app is now officially available.

Popular Photoshop features such as layers, selection tools, adjustments and filters are available in the app and there is an integrated Google Image Search feature so you can quickly acquire images.

You can also share images on Facebook through the app as well as see the comments your friends have made.

Other features include camera fill, which gives you the ability to use your iPad 2's camera to fill an area on a layer, amd AirPrint compatibility for quick, wireless printing.  

The app is available for £6.99 in the UK, or $9.99 in the US. However, the app is only available for the iPad 2, with the first-generation iPad not supported.

Adobe's John Nack explained why the original iPad was not supported, as well as the maximum picture size restrictions.

"Now, let me anticipate two questions which go hand in hand: Why does the app require an iPad 2, and why is the maximum image size 1600x1600px? The iPad 2 has twice the RAM, twice the processing cores, and ~5x the graphics grunt of the iPad 1. PS Touch brings some seriously powerful algorithms (e.g. Refine Edge) from the desktop to mobile, and we wanted to ensure a good match between hardware & image size. The app is geared more towards remixing photos & sharing them onscreen than towards print work; having said that, note that a 1600×1600 doc could be printed at 10.6×10.6″ at 150dpi," he blogged.

The company's Jennifer Kremer promised more iPad-focused apps from Adobe in the coming months. "In addition to Photoshop Touch, Adobe expects to release the following touch apps for the iPad in the coming months: Adobe Collage for moodboards; Adobe Debut for presenting and reviewing creative work; Adobe Ideas for sketching; Adobe Kuler for exploring color themes; and Adobe Proto for website and mobile app prototyping," she said.