Adobe Systems stole the show at the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) event with news that it plans to offer two editions of Adobe Photoshop CS3.

Photoshop CS3 will be joined by Photoshop CS3 Extended, a completely new edition that enables cross-media creative professionals to stretch the limits of digital imaging.

Both products will be introduced on 27 March at the launch of Creative Suite 3. The software is expected to ship in spring 2007.

Photoshop CS3 Extended includes everything in Photoshop CS3 plus a new set of capabilities for the integration of 3D and motion graphics, image measurement and analysis. Photoshop CS3 Extended is also being aimed at professionals in architecture, engineering and other advanced imaging fields.

The new version harnesses Photoshop's tools for the editing of 3D and motion-based content. Film and video specialists can perform 3D model visualisation and texture editing, and paint and clone over multiple video frames. Animators can render and incorporate rich 3D content into their 2D compositions. Graphic and web designers can create animations.

"We never imagined that Photoshop would someday help make major motion pictures, let alone save lives," said John Loiacono, senior vice president of Adobe's creative solutions business unit. "Whether it's a video producer texture editing the backdrop of a film or a researcher counting hundreds of cancer cells, diverse industries are already relying on the professional standard in digital imaging."

To help in the work of the high-end imagers, the software carries tools capable of extracting quantitative and qualitative data from images. It also supports sophisticated image formats as used in life science.

Both Photoshop CS3 and Photoshop CS3 Extended will ship as Universal binaries for the Mac platform and will also be available for Windows XP and Windows Vista.