Adobe is offering previews of Premiere Pro and After Effects for download from Adobe Labs.

This is the first time Adobe has offered previews of its video editing products. However, Adobe warns that they are not fully working demos. Adobe notes that a number of features are not functional, such as Dynamic Link and OpenGL on the Mac platform. Adobe emphasises: “This preview is an unfinished product. While some may find the quality appropriate for use in a production environment, the preview is not final-release quality and should not be used for critical work,” and adds that it will not be offering technical support.

The Premiere Pro demo will be available for Intel Macs only. This is the first time in years that Adobe has updated the video editing program for the Mac. Adobe’s Premiere Pro product manager Giles Baker spoke to Macworld recently about why his company had decided to bring Premiere back to the Mac three years after deciding to stop support for the platform.

The Adobe After Effects CS3 Professional preview is available to After Effects 7.0 licensed users worldwide. It is necessary to enter your serial number in order to activate the After Effects preview and use it for more than two days. Unfortunately this may not be an easy step for those who no longer have their packaging – Adobe notes that an After Effects 7.0 serial number contains 24 digits while the After Effects “About” box does not list the complete number. Adobe recommends users locate the number on their After Effects 7.0 packaging. The company adds: “Please do not call Adobe customer service or technical support as they will not be able to assist you.”

Both After Effects CS3 and Premiere Pro CS3 will be available as a standalone product, or as a component of Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium and Master Collection software in mid-2007, says Adobe.