Adobe has released a second free beta version of its new Edge software for creating animated web pages and elements such as ads in HTML5. It's available from the Adobe Labs site.

Here's the skinny from the Labs site as to what's in the new version:

Smart guides — Precision guide and dimension markers are displayed when an object on the stage is moved/resized, helping to align objects in relation to others.

Specify semantic tags on managed elements — Change the tag type of each shape, image and text in Edge to reflect appearance in the HTML document object model (DOM).

Copy and paste elements — You can now copy and paste elements in Edge, to easily duplicate shapes, images or text. Duplicate images will refer to the same underlying asset.

Align and distribute elements — Select multiple elements, and align and distribute them via new options in the Modify menu.

Drag and drop z-index manipulation — In the elements panel, you can now control the z-order of shapes, text and images created in Edge.

Playhead time editing — You can now type into the timeline’s counter to move the playhead to a specific location, or by dragging the numeric value up or down with your mouse.

Windows 7 update — An error on the Windows version causing Edge to crash on startup is resolved, no longer requiring users to change the display bit depth from 32-bit to 16-bit.

jQuery update — Edge’s animation framework now works with the latest jQuery 1.6.2.

Further updates are expected soon.