The next version of the video ingest tool will include native DNxHF and ProRes format support.

Adobe has given us a sneak peek at the next version of its Prelude video ingest tool, alongside upgrades to After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audition and SpeedGrade – as well as formally launching its network-based editing system Adobe Anywhere.

Prelude CS7 * features the ability to import DNxHD MXF and ProRes footage natively – though ProRes is Mac only due to licensing issues. When importing footage, users can add metadata – and administrators can require metadata to be added before an import is allowed, as it stops untagged media being imported into large media asset management systems (this is a feature Adobe says was requested by CNN).

Users can also batch rename files when importing – adding camera or location data – to make working with them easier further down the workflow.

As with the next version of Premiere, Prelude gains a Story panel. This provides access to scripts and transcriptions hosted in Adobe's online script-development tool. Adobe's business development manager for video Niels Stevens demoed this showing how the transcription of an interview could be matched against a clip's audio using the Speech Analysis technology already in Premiere Pro CS6 – creating markers for each work. When a search of the transcript for certain phrases was performed, their places in the clip could quickly be located.

There are also many smaller improvements, including tweaks to Prelude's interface such as scrubbing in the Project panel and highlighted clips featuring a coloured border so it's easier to see what you've selected – a much requested feature according to Adobe.

* While Adobe has released updates to tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver for free to subscribers to its Creative Cloud service, the company is talking about Prelude's new features in terms of the 'next version' of the software, leading us to believe that this will be Prelude CS7 – so a paid-for upgrade available for non-Cloud members and free to those who are. We've also received information pointing to the next version of AE that was demoed at the same time is After Effects CS7.


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