Adobe Systems has introduced Adobe Font Folio 11 software.

The product combines 2,300 fonts from the Adobe Type Library in OpenType format. The software offers enhanced linguistic support, advanced typographic features, and cross-platform compatibility.

The package includes 176 new fonts from world-renowned foundries and designers. The package also includes award-winning Adobe Originals typefaces - one-of-a-kind designs and classic revivals created by expert type designers at Adobe.

"With Font Folio 11, we have taken our world-class standard library of OpenType fonts and added exciting new typefaces, including Arno Pro and Garamond Premier Pro," said Don Walker, senior director, print and classic publishing solutions at Adobe. "We've also further refined our implementation of OpenType, continuing our 25-year tradition of making the world's highest-quality digital fonts."

Font Folio 11 offers special Opticals packages that provide four or more separate designs for each font, each optimised for a different range of point sizes, from tiny text for footnotes to large type for headlines. Many of the OpenType fonts in Adobe Font Folio 11 contain an expanded glyph set and advanced typographic features offer designers the chance to deploy typographic extras such as swashes, small caps, and old-style figures.

Font Folio 11 is available for OS X, Windows Vista and Windows XP. The product is available starting 6 September and will be sold primarily through, Adobe retail and licensing channels.