Adobe has begun shipping Photoshop Lightroom 1.0 in the US, and seems set to release the software in the UK soon.

While the UK website still offers customers only the chance to pre-order the software, the front page of the UK site declares the software is shipping.

Like Apple's Aperture software, Lightroom enables professional photographers to import, manage and present large volumes of digital photographs that can be edited in Camera Raw format.

Adobe is offering Photoshop Lightroom at a special introductory price of £125 until 30 April 2007. The price rises to £175 at a date following the release. Prices exclude VAT.

Lightroom includes new functionality added since beta 4.1, with significant changes to the Library and Develop modules complementing improvements to the slideshow, print and web components.

Recommended system requirements are Mac OS X 10.4.3, 1 GHz PowerPC G4 processor or Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Intel Pentium 4 Processor, and 768 MB RAM.