The next version of the audio editing software includes a nifty tool for removing unwanted sounds.

Adobe has given us a sneak peek at the next version of its Audition audio editing software, alongside upgrades to After Effects, Premiere Pro, Prelude and SpeedGrade – as well as formally launching its network-based editing system Adobe Anywhere.

Audition CS7 * gains the new Sound Remover tool – which allows you to paint on the spectral display to create sound model, then capture that sound model and remove it from a whole clip. Adobe's business development manager for video Niels Stevens demoed this to remove a siren behind a voice by capturing the model of the siren only.

A Preview Editor panel that shows the results of any effects or work on an audio clip. Other new features include the Pitch Bender effect, the TC Electronics Loudness Radar for checking broadcast compliant of audio levels (as in Premiere Pro CS7), colour-coded tracks a la Premiere Pro, the ability to quickly add silence and adjust  the insertion order when bringing in multiple clips.

* While Adobe has released updates to tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver for free to subscribers to its Creative Cloud service, the company is talking about these new features in terms of the 'next version' of the software, leading us to believe that this will be Audition CS7 – so a paid-for upgrade available for non-Cloud members and free to those who are. We've also received information pointing to the next version of AE that was demoed at the same time is After Effects CS7.


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