Adobe will close its royalty-free Stock Photos royalty-free image service on 1 April, the company has revealed on its website.

Some features of the service, including the search and comp download features in Adobe Bridge, will stop working as of 3 March. Order histories, image purchase and re-downloading cease on 31 March.

"Adobe has decided to concentrate its efforts in other areas," said the company in a statement posted to the Adobe Stock Photos website.

Adobe Stock Photos is a royalty-free image service introduced with Adobe Creative Suite 2 software in May 2005. It offered one-stop image shopping from within Adobe Bridge in Creative Suite 2 and Creative Suite 3 as well as the standalone CS2 and CS3 applications. The service was conceived as a convenient way for creatives to search across multiple image libraries at once and purchase royalty-free images.

Adobe Stock Photos customers and registered Creative Suite 2 and Creative Suite 3 customers with Adobe Bridge-enabled applications will receive an email notification of the closure starting 4 February.

The stock collections available in the Adobe Stock Photos service include: Amana, BananaStock, Blend Images, Brand X Pictures, Comstock, Creatas, Digital Archive Japan, Digital Vision, Glow Images, Goodshoot, Image Source, Ingram Publishing, IPN Relay, IT Stock International, Masterfile, Photodisc,, Photosindia, Purestock, Redchopsticks, Stockbyte, Tetra Images, and Thinkstock.

The company has also released uninstaller applications to remove Adobe Stock Photo software from Mac and Windows machines.