Adobe will offer a direct upgrade path to Creative Suite 6 to customers who own CS3 or CS4 after all, it has announced.

CS6 will launch some time in the first half of 2012, according to the company, though pricing details and details of what the "special introductory upgrade pricing" will be haven't yet been announced.

However, the move will be welcomed by customers with older versions who would have had to upgrade to CS5 (currently being offered at a 20 percent discount) before then upgrading to CS6, which was what the company originally planned.

"CS6 will be a major new release of our creative desktop tools, with huge improvements for every type of creative professional," reads a message on the Creative Suite website

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The company will also release Adobe Creative Cloud in the first half of 2012, which it hopes will become a hub for creative professionals to view, share, and sync content created with Touch apps and Creative Suite programs.

"Adobe Creative Cloud will be our most comprehensive creative solution ever, giving members access to all of the CS6 desktop software plus additional services, new tools, Adobe Touch Apps, and rich community features. In addition, Creative Cloud members will receive continuous upgrades and updates to all products and services as part of their membership."

CS3 and CS4 owners will have until 31 December 2012 to take advantage of the special introductory upgrade pricing on CS6.

More details will be announced when CS6 and Creative Cloud are released later this year, Adobe said.