By now, students returning to school and college will be getting their first assignments - assignments that will need to be produced on a computer. Dragon Dictate for Mac makes it easy. Imagine being able to scour the Internet with built-in voice commands, email project partners without typing a word and dictate essays direct to Microsoft Word 2011. Dragon Dictate does all these things and more.

Speech recognition is now a precise, intelligent technology and much faster than you might expect. In our own tests, a trained version of Dragon Dictate for Mac was actually quicker than our typing skills. It even accurately formats difficult content like dates, addresses and big, big numbers without so much as a pause. Even fresh out of the box.

But typing isn’t the only thing that Dragon Dictate can replace. With voice navigation, editing and punctuation commands included, you can proofread, correct and completely reformat your documents, emails and instant messages without touching the mouse. If the command you need isn’t already built in, you can add it yourself.

There’s no need to talk to Dragon Dictate like you’re a robot. Speaking clearly and at normal speed is the only requirement. You don’t even have to go out and buy a microphone as there’s a USB headset included with your purchase. Better still, if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can download the free Dragon Remote Mic app to transform your iOS device into a high quality wireless microphone. Ideal for taking notes in lectures or brainstorming ideas as you pace your room.

For social butterflies, the latest version of Dragon Dictate has full Facebook and Twitter integration too. What’s more - bargain alert - current students can get a whopping 20% educational discount off Dragon Dictate for Mac when they buy on Amazon. A saving of over 30 quid off the normal price. With that in your pocket, you’ll be able to get a round of drinks in at the Union bar...

Price: £127.30 (Educational version)
Min Spec: Intel-based Mac, OS X 10.6 or higher