Another World (also known as Out of this World) is a punishing game, but a rewarding one. It manages to spin an interesting tale without using any spoken words whatsoever, and offers a challenge level set at just such a degree that progress isn't impossible, but it demands that you learn how the game works rather than flinging yourself blindly into situations.

Originally released in 1991, Another World was then revolutionary for its use of cinematic cutscenes during the action, as well as its distinctive aesthetic which mixed polygonal characters and objects with bitmapped backdrops. Casting players in the role of redheaded scientist Lester Knight Chaykin, the game offers a short but challenging narrative-driven platform adventure experience which has remained a cult hit in the 20 years since its original release.

Now, the game has finally hit iOS devices. This special 20th Anniversary Edition features both the original graphics from 1991 as well as remastered high resolution graphics which take advantage of the iPhone 4's Retina Display and the iPad's high resolution screen. It also features two control schemes, an adjustable difficulty level (with "normal" being easier than the original) and 13 Game Center achievements for players to unlock.

You can grab Another World 20th Anniversary Edition from the App Store for £2.99 right now.