Audio software developer, Antares, has released a slew of new applications for Mac OS X.

This month the company released Auto Tune 5, and Avox RTAS, VST and AU for the platform.

Antares notes that the Mac-compatible versions of Avox RTAS, VST and AU aren't available in boxes through its retail channels yet, but can be downloaded from the company website and registered with a license key from the currently shipping products.

Auto Tune 5 is a pitch-correction tool, offering pitch detection, an improved user interface, and a host of new features and productivity enhancements.

Avox is a combination of five state-of-the-art voice-processing modules designed to let musicians create the effect or track they need. The collection includes the Throat Physical Modeling Designer, Punch Vocal Imact Enhancer, Duo Vocal Moeling Auto-Doubler, Choir Vocal Multiplier, and Sybil Frequency De-esser. All Mac AVOX versions are Universal binaries.

Demo versions of all the applications are available now.