While the attempt to disclose "a month of Apple bugs" has been widely reported, the counter-attack has not been.

Security researchers Kevin Finisterre and hacker LMH have launched a project to identify a new bug every day this month, saying the attempt is driven by a need to ensure more security focus within OS X development.

Now a third researcher, Landon Fuller, has launched a counter-attack, dedicating himself to finding a fix for every flaw announced by the security-conscious duo.

The month began on 1 January with news of a vulnerability in QuickTime. Fuller responded immediately, releasing software that helps guard against the flaw.

Two additional flaws have now been disclosed – one within the popular alternative media player, VLC, and another QuickTime vulnerability.

Fuller moved quickly to address both flaws, observing that the VLC development team managed to address that flaw within hours of its revelation.

"The wonderfully responsive and dapper VLC team already has a fix committed, and I'm sure a new release will be forthcoming," he wrote.

"If you'd like to help with tomorrow's vulnerability please feel free to send me patches or other information. If there's enough interest, I'll fire up a mailing list," wrote Fuller.