Apple will tighten up its rules for software applications for the Mac to improve the customer experience and for security reasons.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple will exert the same level of control over how apps can access certain hardware and functions of the operating system as it does with iOS.

The new 'sandbox' requirements will come into force next month, though Apple had initially planned to enforce the new rules beginning in November last year.

Though the changes are said to have customer security in mind, preventing rogue programs from accessing private data or acting as a backdoor for malware to make its way onto a Mac, they are likely to create extra work for developers who may have to remove certain functions from Mac apps.

As the report states: "Mac developer Mark Munz, of Vancouver, Wash., says to comply with Apple's new rules, he has to remove key features of his text-reformatting app TextSoap that integrate with other programs."

"As a workaround, he's working on a "helper app" that Mac App Store users could download separately to restore the extra functionality. "It sort of defeats the purpose of what sandboxing is about," says Mr. Munz, who is president of Unmarked Software LLC."