Iomega used Apple Expo, Paris to introduce its expanded range of external storage products for the Mac.

The new range features single- and dual-drive storage solutions in capacities up to and including 1.5TB. The products have been designed to offer excellent Mac support, extending to use of the HFS+ file system and support for FireWire and USB 2.0.

Design counts in these new drives, stressed the company. "Iomega storage products for Mac users are both functional and versatile with a focus on seamless implementation into a Mac environment, as well as perfectly complementing the Apple design aesthetic," said Peter Wharton, the company's vice president of marketing.

Iomega's 1.5TB UltraMax Pro Desktop Hard Drive, supports the FireWire 800 (two ports), FireWire 400 (one port), and USB 2.0 (one port) interfaces.

It deploys two drives set-up as RAID 0 devices by default, for better performance. Additional drive settings include RAID 1 (where all data is copied to both drives, or mirrored, for data redundancy), 'spanned' (where both hard drives are treated as a single volume), and 'simple' (where each hard drive is treated as its own drive letter). For ease of use, a manual RAID switch allows the user to turn off the RAID configuration.

The stackable drive enclosure complements the appearance of the Mac Pro, with a metallic grey enclosure and mesh grille.

Iomega is also shipping a companion product, the Iomega 1.5 TB UltraMax Pro Desktop Hard Drive, featuring eSATA 3GBits and USB 2.0 interfaces and formatted with the FAT32 file system for use in Mac or PC environments.

The UltraMax Desktop Hard Drive is available in 750GB or 500GB capacities. It offers one eSATA port, two FireWire 800 ports, one FireWire 400 port and one USB 2.0 port; cables for all four interfaces are included. This slim drive also reflects the design aesthetic of the Mac Pro.

Iomega also introduced a 750GB model of its MiniMax Desktop Hard Drive, which includes a hub with three USB 2.0 ports and three FireWire ports and is designed to look svelte beside a Mac mini.

Iomega is also offering the 500GB Iomega MiniMax(TM) USB 2.0 + Hub, which has three USB 2.0 ports in its hub, this product is designed as the companion hard drive for the AirPort Extreme, which now supports a shared network drive.

Iomega's cherry red coloured 160GB eGo Portable Hard Drive family gains a dual-interface equipped new member, adding FireWire 400 connectivity.

Iomega also introduced a higher capacity 250GB version of the eGo drive. The new dual interface eGo models will be available later this year.

Iomega includes Retrospect Express back-up software with all of the drives announced today.