The Patently Apple site has revealed that Apple has some gesture-based tricks up its corporate sleeves.

The site presents brief summaries, with associated graphics, of patents granted to Apple as each such patent application (or Granted Patent) is revealed by the U.S. Patent & Trade Office. The site is currently listing a number of patents with a common theme of gesture-based technology for iOS devices, among others.

In patent application 20110163944, these include physics-based metaphors, such as pouring out files from one device to another, creating the effect that the files have mass and are reacting to gravity.

Other examples include sound effects, such as an iPhone sucking up files from an iPad with the sound effect of a vacuum cleaner. The site also identifies a section of the patent that appears to show how an iPad user could 'flick' files in the direction of another iOS device to transfer them Frisbee style.

Graphic by Patently Apple depicting 'pouring files'

The site further reports that earlier this month, a patent application (no.20110164029) from Apple was published that reveals various concepts behind newly advanced 3D gesturing that will apply to CAD applications for product and gaming developers as well as for consumers.

"According to Apple, next generation iPad and/or other iOS device displays will allow consumers to create avatars for 3D environments or assist homeowners in designing new landscapes and more by using simple 3D gesturing," wrote Jack Purcher of Patently Apple. "The new 3D gesturing will control colour and textures while allowing users to uniquely rotate objects to gain different perspectives of their designs. This is wild stuff that is bound to give Apple's competitors another huge headache."

Graphic by Patently Apple depicting '3D gestures'