This is a weird one.

When one of our colleagues was setting up a new Mac earlier today they received not one, but two emails from Apple inviting them to sign up for MobileMe.

The email invited them to “Get set up and start enjoying MobileMe today”, which is all very well, but Apple closed down MobileMe at the end of June.

Has anyone else seen a similar email after setting up a new Mac?

If you were a MobileMe subscriber, you will have been warned repeatedly during June that you need to transfer data from the MobileMe service to the new iCloud.

A big concern for some users of the MobileMe service was that not all the MobileMe services are available in iCloud. With the closure of MobileMe customers lost some high-profile elements including iDisk, iWeb site publishing and hosting, and Gallery. This article looks at some of the alternatives that are open to Mac users.

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