Apple is celebrating its success with the App Store and bringing the concept to the Mac. 

The Mac App Store will open within 90 days. 

While Apple CEO Steve Jobs was CLEAR to say it is "NOT going to be the only place" to buy Mac apps it will be a way to market Mac apps to people who might otherwise never buy third-party software. 

A Mac App Store where you could buy apps for your Mac could also prove to be a profitable revenue stream for Apple. 

Characteristics of the store:

  • Best place to discover apps—not the only place, but the best place.
  • One-click downloads.
  • Free & paid apps (70/30 splits).
  • Automatic installation.
  • Automatic app updates.
  • One button to update all apps.
  • Apps licensed for use on all your personal Macs.

Apple will be accepting apps from developers from November.