Apple has just unveiled Logic Pro X, the next version of its digital audio editing and MIDI sequencer software package. Here are the Logic Pro X launch details, UK price and system requirements.

"Logic Pro X is our most powerful version yet, with advanced tools and a modern new interface designed to streamline the process of creating professional quality music," said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing. "Musicians are going to love creative new features like Drummer, Flex Pitch, Track Stacks and the Arpeggiator."

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Logic Pro X

Those new features in Logic Pro X, then: Drummer provides what Apple calls "a virtual session player" - an automated virtual drummer, in other words, that plays along with your song in the drumming style of your choice. Apple says it used performances by real drummers to create Drummer's sounds.

(You can also create your own virtual drum kit using a new plug-in called Drum Kit Designer.)

Flex Pitch, meanwhile, is an integrated pitch editor that may come in handy for rescuing off-key recordings, and Track Stacks is a layering function that collapses multiple tracks into one. Finally, the Arpeggiator is a new MIDI plugin (one of nine added to the new version of Logic Pro) and splits apart the notes of a keyboard chord to create a musical motif.

At the same time as the Logic Pro X package, Apple is also promoting a new related iPad app called Logic Remote. Logic Remote lets you play instruments, then record and mix music from the iPad's multitouch screen. Logic Remote is a free download, but again, doesn't seem to have been added to the UK App Store quite yet.

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X's redesigned interface

Logic Pro X

With Logic Pro X, bass players now get a configurable rig of their own

Logic Pro X

You can play all the Logic Pro X instruments in this summing stack as a single instrument

Logic Pro X: Price, UK launch date and system requirements

Logic Pro X is available from today for £139.99: it's on the Mac App Store now. It's priced at $199.99 in the US. Full Logic Pro X system requirements are available at, but we can sum them up here: your Mac must be running OS X 10.8.4 or later, with at least 35GB of storage if you want to install all the optional content (5GB is enough for the default Logic Pro X installation).

You should also make sure any plug-ins you wish to use are 64bit: Apple has moved away from 32bit plug-ins, and there’s no bridging utility to allow older plug-ins to work.

Read the full Logic Pro X launch press release here. For full details of Logic X Pro's new features and our verdict on the interface and more, see our Logic Pro X review.


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