Apple Mail 7.2 fixed quite a few glitches with the stalwart email program, especially its problems with Google Mail. Now that Apple Mail's IMAP problems have been sorted out, it's time to look a little more closely at the new features found in Apple's latest edition of the Mail email client.

In this feature, we’re going to look at the three best new features in Mac OS X Mail 7.2 and how to use them. The following features are new to Mail 7:

  • How to search for attachments in Apple Mail.
  • Passbook Support in Apple Mail.
  • Setting up Smart Mailboxes with Accounts in Apple Mail.

Let's take a look at how each of these new features works.


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Apple Mail 7.2 (2014) review

The 3 best new features in Apple Mail 7

How to search for attachments in Apple Mail 7

One welcome improvement to Apple Mail 7 is that you can now search through attachments. Here’s how to search for Attachments in Apple Mail 7:

  1. Click on the Search bar in the top right corner
  2. Enter PDF
  3. Choose Attachments > PDF Document

Mail Search Attachment

You can add other search terms to look for people, companies, subjects and text but Apple Mail only shows results that contain the attachment you have requested. Attachment search in Apple Mail makes it much easier to hunt down that missing PDF document or another file. The list of attachments you can search for is much more comprehensive than you think. Here are some of the things you can search Apple Mail 7 for:

  • Audio
  • Data
  • Excel document
  • GIF
  • Image
  • JPEG
  • Keynote document
  • Message
  • Objective j file
  • Open XML document
  • PNG
  • PDF Document
  • RAR archive
  • Source code (C Source code, C Header code, Preprocessed C source code, Fortran source code, Lex source code, Assembly source code, Verilog HDL source file, Object code, Rez source code)
  • Numbers document
  • Pages document
  • Presentation
  • Word Document
  • ZIP archive

Adding attachments to the list of ways you can search your mail messages is a welcome improvement that makes it much faster to access old documents.

How to use Passbook in Apple Mail 7.

Mail now supports Passbook passes as an attachment. You can view a pass right from your email, and add it to your Passbook via iCloud with one click.

If your email contains a passbook a grey bar appears at the top with a View Pass button. Tap View Pass and a pop up window appears, displaying the Passbook information.

Tap the Details (‘i’) button to view more information about the Passbook pass. You can share Passbook passes directly from this window by tapping the Share icon. Click Done when you're finished looking at it.

Mail Passbook


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How to use Smart Mailboxes in Apple Mail 7

A new feature in Apple Mail is that you can now create Smart Mailboxes that filter messages by account. Smart Mailboxes with accounts are useful for if you have multiple email accounts in Mail.

Follow these steps to create a Smart Mailbox in Apple Mail 7.

  1. Click Mailbox > New Smart Mailbox
  2. Click Any Recipient and choose Account
  3. Use the second menu (typically iCloud) to choose between different accounts.
  4. Click the Add (‘+’) button.
  5. Change Any Recipient to filter your emails (we have chosen Date Received Is Today and Sender Is VIP).
  6. Click OK to create the Smart Mailbox

The Smart Mailbox appears in the sidebar on the left hand side of the Apple Mail interface. If Apple Mail is not displaying the sidebar, you can view  clicking the Show button in the top-left corner of the interface.

Apple Mac Mail Smart Mailbox Accounts

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