MobileMe customers can now get Snow Leopard for free, allowing them to upgrade to Lion from the Mac App Store and migrate to iCloud, leaving MobileMe behind.

iCloud is set to replace MobileMe altogether on 30 June, but in order to use iCloud, Mac owners must have OS X Lion. To upgrade to Lion, users need to have access to the Mac App Store, which is only available to Snow Leopard and Lion users, meaning anyone with older operating systems will be left without access to any of Apple’s online cloud storage.

MacGasm reports that Apple has recognised this problem, and is offering all MobileMe users with Leopard or older a free Snow Leopard DVD. MobileMe users will need to log in to their account and fill out in their address details to receive the DVD. The offer will run until 15 June.

OS X Mountain Lion's summer 2012 arrival will mean several iCloud improvements, so it is expected that this is part of the reason Apple is encouraging users to upgrade their operating systems before the launch.

We are currently awaiting confirmation that the offer applies to the UK, and will update this story when we know for sure.

Customers will still need to download Lion for £20.99 from the Mac App Store once they’ve installed their free copy of Snow Leopard. Snow Leopard is currently selling on the Apple Store for £26.00, and it is unclear whether Apple will decide to reduce the price for customers who don’t have MobileMe accounts.