The US Patent and Trademark Office has published some more Apple patents including a method for adding signatures to E-documents and some patents relating to connectors, including connectors for slimmer devices.

The signature solution is described as a computer-readable media for capturing a signature involves ‘scanning’ the signature using the iSight camera. The captured signature can then be added to the document.

Apple has also devised an app for signature capture and management. A user will be able to store a number of signatures and these signatures can be encrypted and stored so that a only an authorised user, using an authorised application can access them, as outlined by Patently Apple.

The next-generation connector for slimmer devices addresses the fact that mobile devices are becoming smaller and slimmer, and the circuits and apparatus inside the devices are also smaller.


The patents also highlight the damage that can be done if a second device is improperly inserted and looks at ways to protect it.

Another patent relates to connectors. Apple is attempting to improve connector reliability as well as protect from electromagnetic interference during assembly. The company is also looking to give the connector the ability to resist damage from debris, notes Patently Apple.