Apple has added a page to its iTunes Store that reveals the top iPhone and iPad app downloads since the App Store opened in mid-2008.

The peek at the most popular apps comes as Apple counts down to its 10 billionth App Store download (the countdown was at 9.9B-plus when this was written).  Click on the  App Downloads counter icon in the middle of the iTunes Store page to see the lists of most downloaded apps.

The  most downloaded iPhone apps are widely familiar, such as the addictive Tap Tap Revenge games taking 3 of the top 10 paid iPhone app spots alongside the more recently popular Angry Birds. Facebook tops the list for free iPhone apps.  

The iPad apps seem to have some catching up to do on the familiarity and perhaps quality front, with Facebook not even making an app available for the Apple tablet yet and iFart Mobile making the cut as a Top 10 paid app.

A sampling:

All-Time Top Paid iPhone Apps 1. Doodle Jump 2. Tap Tap Revenge 3 3. Pocket God 4. Angry Birds 5. Tap Tap Revenge 2.6

All-Time Top Free iPhone Apps 1. Facebook 2. Pandora 3. Google Mobile App 4. Shazam 5. Movies by Flixster

All-Time Top Paid iPad Apps 1. SoundHound 2. StickWars 3. FlightTrack 4. Backbreaker Football 5. Calorie Tracker

All-Time Top Free iPad Apps 1. Pandora 2. Google Mobile App 3. Movies by Flixster 4. Google Earth 5. Yelp

Meanwhile, Apple is just cranking up its Mac App Store, and we’ve assembled a list of the top productivity apps available there.