Apple has revealed that the next update to Final Cut Pro X will include Multichannel Audio Editing Tools, Dual Viewers, MXF Plug-in Support and RED camera support.  

The company also claimed that its the recent FCP X 10.0.4 update "significantly improved broadcast monitoring performance", so they have removed the term “beta” when describing it. (More below) 

Apple met with Final Cut Pro trainer Larry Jordan on the eve of NAB to share its upcoming plans for the video suite. According to Jordan's report, Final Cut Pro X features coming later this year will include the following: 

Multichannel Audio Editing Tools - This should improve the audio mixing in FCP X, which "is weak". 

Dual Viewers - This feature would allow users to easily compare two clips. 

MXF Plug-in Support - FCP X is able to read MXF files, but not the native MXF wrapper that contains them. Currently it is necessary to convert MXF files to QuickTime. "In the future, FCP X won’t need to make this conversion".

RED camera support - It will not be necessary to convert RED footage to QuickTime, FCP users would be "able to edit RED files natively"

Jordan also suggests that Apple doesn't have a Final Cut Pro 8 in the wings, rather than the company sees FCP X as a long-term project.