Apple today released Final Cut Express 4, its consumer level video editing software that's based on Final Cut Pro 6, with a new low price of £129.

Final Cut Express 4 adds support for the latest AVCHD cameras, allows mixing of standard and high definition content on a single timeline, includes the ability to import iMovie ‘08 projects, and gives users access to hundreds of FxPlug cinematic effects and filters.

Final Cut Express 4 continues to bring the power of Final Cut to a wider audience

“Almost a million digital film-makers have made Final Cut their editing application of choice,” said Rob Schoeben, Apple’s vice president of Applications Product Marketing. “With the introduction of Final Cut Express 4, Apple makes it easy for anyone to join the rapidly growing community of Final Cut editors worldwide.”

The new Open Format Timeline in Final Cut Express 4 enables users to mix and match DV, HDV and AVCHD material in real time using the same industry-leading editing and trimming tools found in Final Cut Pro.

Supporting both 1080i and 720p HD resolutions, Final Cut Express 4 automatically performs the necessary scaling, cropping and frame rate adjustments. When starting projects from scratch, the new simplified setup automatically configures everything based on the first clip dropped on the Timeline.

iMovie ‘08 users can export their projects into Final Cut Express in order to improve them with video effects and motion graphics.

The software offers in excess of 50 FxPlug filters, including Soft Focus, Vignette and Light Rays, with hundreds more available from a rapidly expanding FxPlug developer community.

The software's audio controls lets users automatically raise any clip to its maximum level without distortion using the new Soft Normalize and Gain controls.

Final Cut Express 4 also features LiveType 2 for creating animated titles and includes an extensive library of animated fonts, textures, templates and effects.

Final Cut Express 4 is available now.