Apple's Final Cut Server is available now.

The product is a server-based media asset management and workflow automation solution for professionals in the video industry. It automatically catalogues large collections of assets, allows searching across multiple disks and SAN volumes and enables viewing, annotation and approval of content from anywhere using a PC or Mac.

“Whether producing a 30-second spot, the nightly news or a major motion picture, Final Cut Studio is the choice of editors around the world,” said Rob Schoeben, Apple’s vice president of Applications Product Marketing. “With the introduction of Final Cut Server, collaboration just got a whole lot easier for millions of editors, producers and clients who work with Final Cut Studio.”

“For the past few months we’ve been using a beta of Final Cut Server to manage our entire workflow pipeline, 24/7, and it held up beautifully,” said Evan Schechtman, CTO of Radical Media. “Best of all, Final Cut Server integrates seamlessly with our home-grown solutions so it’s actually adding new value to systems we’ve relied on for years.”

A cross-platform client enables a PC or Mac to use Final Cut Server’s broad search capabilities. Final Cut Server also configures a range of highly specific access controls that define user permissions on an asset or project basis.

The product includes Compressor 3, Apple’s digital encoding and compression tool which can convert content for delivery to multiple platforms.

which delivers pristine format conversions for publishing to DVD, broadcast television, the Internet, Apple TV®, iPod®, iPhone™ and other mobile phones.

Final Cut Server costs £699 (including VAT) for one server and 10 concurrent client licenses, and £1,399 (including VAT) for one server and unlimited client licenses.