Apple has released QuickTime 7.2, introducing iPhone support and fixing security flaws.

The update is available for both Mac (51.4MB) and Windows systems (19.3MB).

The release adds two new export features into the application: 'Export for iPhone' and 'Export for iPhone (Cellular)'. The former exports media in .m4v video format while the cellular option employs the smaller 3GP format.

QuickTime 7.2 also introduces support for full screen viewing in QuickTime Player and updated the H.264 codec.

Apple has also mended eight security vulnerabilities. Four of these flaws related to certain memory overflow bugs that could cause a crash when viewing malicious websites.

Another three critical flaws relate to design issues in QuickTime for Java. Attackers could theoretically exploit these flaws by posting malicious Java applets on a website, where they could then compromise a victim's computer.

Robert McMillan contributed to this report.