Apple will host a special event for music makers at its Regent Street retail store on 15 May next week.

The event teams producer Steve Levine up with Radio 6-championed band, 6 Day Riot. Levine will demonstrate how to use Logic Pro to produce and arrange an acoustic project.

6 Day Riot are Danish multi-instrumentalist Soren Bonke, Scottish singer-songwriter Tamara Schlesinger, Jonathan Beyer on upright bass and Daniel Deavin on drums.

Attendees will learn how to record and edit a wide range of instruments and vocal styles, and how to prepare a track for mixing. The event tales place at 2pm.

The band use a wide range of instruments to create their sound, ranging from banjos, ukuleles, guitars and accordions to Eastern European folk beats, bluegrass rhythms, and distorted guitars.

6 Day Riot will release their new album on 14 May, the day before the in-store music-making seminar.