Apple executives believe that the iPhone 3GS and Amazon's Kindle Fire will be two key devices that will expand the user base of iOS.

That's according to JP Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz, who met with Apple's chief executive Tim Cook and chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer recently, reports Apple Insider.

Though it's easy to see the logic in the appeal of the iPhone 3GS now that it has had a price cut and is being pushed as a budget iPhone option in many markets, the Kindle Fire comments might raise a few eyebrows.

However, Moskowitz said that Cook and Oppenheimer appear to see the Kindle Fire as a device that could bring more customers into the tablet market - customers who would then perhaps upgrade to a more fully-featured device.

"We think that Apple views the Kindle Fire as a device that stands to bring incremental consumers to the tablet market, and here, these consumers could gravitate to more feature-rich experiences. In other words, we think that Apple is not seeing much pressure from lower-priced tablets, yet," Moskowitz wrote in a note to investors.

Moskowitz said that JP Morgan retained its confidence in recently revised predictions for iPhone sales in the quarter ending December 2011.

It had raised its prediction from 25 million units to 28 million units last week and Moskowitz said he still felt that was "reasonable" after meeting Cook and Oppenheimer.