Apple may not have opened up the Apple TV to third-parties, but this hasn't stopped developers creating solutions for the front room media centre device - now new software means more users can try their hand at building for the Apple TV.

One developer this weekend released a software developer's kit (SDK) for the AppleTV, the BackRow Developer's Kit, as noted by MacNN.

The SDK includes iPhoto and Quartz development solutions, a test application and an Xcode project template designed to help proto-Apple TV developers build their own plug-ins for the device.

The developer has also released a range of programming tutorials users can explore as they begin their developmental steps.

It's already widely known that developers have created a range of hacks to put software on the device - some have managed to install Mac OS X on the media centre, while others are already developing extra applications to extend the utility of Apple TV.

The AwkwardTV website offers a collection of different exxisting AppleTV hacks, including scripts designed to remotely wake sleeping Macs on a domestic network in order to access media held on them; sports scores and RSS feed widgets.

Apple TV hacking isn't for the faint-hearted. Installation of most presently available plug-ins for the device requires users to hack the device in such a way that they void their Apple warranty on the £199 product.