Apple last night released a batch of updates for the its professional video suite, Final Cut Studio.

The company has made updates available for all the suite's component applications: Final Cut Pro 6.0.2; DVD Studio Pro 4.2.1; Motion 3.0.2, Color 1.0.2; Cinema Tools 4.0.1; Compressor 3.0.2; Soundtrack 2.0.2 and Pro Applications Update 2007-02 have all been made available.

Most of these updates are described as addressing specific customer issues, general performance issues and improving overall stability. The Final Cut update adds support for additional video devices to the software.

Pro Applications Update 2007-02 includes fixes to underlying frameworks and shared components for the updated Final Cut Studio 2 applications.

All these updates should be automatically delivered using Mac OS X's built-in Software Update feature, and are also being made available for direct download from Apple's Support website.