Apple has released updates for Backup and DVD Studio Pro.

The latest version of its backup software for .Mac users, Backup 3.1.1 is recommended for all users.

Apple says that significant areas addressed in this update include its capacity to "back up and restore with external drives; memory management; and restoration of bundled file types".

DVD Studio Pro 4.1.2 is a 9.9MB download. The update provides important bug fixes and is recommended for all DVD Studio Pro 4.1 users, Apple said.

The update addresses compatibility issues with DVD Studio Pro 4.1 HD-DVD projects and Toshiba HD-DVD players. It also updates the Disc Description Protocol (DDP) 2.1 to DDP 3.0 and the Cutting Master Format (CMF) 1.0 to CMF 2.0, which is required for HD-DVD replication.