Apple has introduced two sets of software updates, one for its Apple Remote Desktop software, and the other for the Xsan.

Apple Remote Desktop 3.2 Client and the separately available Apple Remote Desktop 3.2 Admin software both address the same set of stability, usability and compatibility issues, Apple explains.

Improvements in this release include better reliability when engaged in Copy Item tasks and the Open Application control now launches apps on Intel Macs. This release also includes Adaptive Quality Codec to improve screen-sharing performance when using slower network connections such as DSL.

Apple's powerful Xsan software also sees improvements across numerous issues related to overall reliability, usability and compatibility, Apple explains.

Three Xsan updates are available: The Xsan 1.4.2 Admin Update, the Xsan 1.4.2 Filesystem Update and the Xsan 1.4.2 Uninstaller, which removes Xsan and Xsan Admin software from your computer.

All the latest updates are available from Apple's Software Updates page.