Did our story yesterday break iCloud?

At 9.14am yesterday morning until 7.46pm last night there were problems with multiple iCloud services, with: "some users affected," according to Apple.

Apple's iCloud support page states that: "Users experienced a problem with multiple iCloud services."

We published a story about Apple censoring iCloud emails and attachments yesterday morning around the time that the service started stuttering. We wondered whether we encouraged people to start testing whether Apple was filtering phrases such as "barely legal teen" and if that influx inundated to Apple's spam fitters and caused the servers to fall over.

Thanks to that one story we saw as much traffic to our website in one day as we saw in the three days preceding it, luckily our servers didn't fall over.

Initially Apple said 11% of users were affected – that still equates to over 25 million people, notes Gizmodo. Apple later updated that to "Multiple users".

Initially all of Apple's Internet services including email, calendar, contacts, photo backup, and iPhone/iPad backup, did not work for many users.

Apple eventually updated the details to confirm that Photo Stream, Documents in the Cloud, and Backup were affected, according to 9to5Mac.

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