Developers continue to offer Leopard compatibility patches for Mac OS X 10.5 'Leopard'.

The latest batch includes fixes for BBEdit, iStopMotion, iSale, ShredIt X and the LiveQuartz free image editor.

BBEdit 8.7.1 is a maintenance release that fixes reported issues and adds several minor features and other refinements to this award-winning HTML and text editor. T

Boinx Software's iStopMotion 2 customers will benefit soon from Leopard, gaining the ability to capture frames from multiple video sources simultaneously, connect HD cameras using Firewire, manipulate frames as they are captured, for example to adjust the colour and create more interesting movies with Quartz Compositions as background and foreground for the animation.

Coming soon, iSale 4.3.1 is a free maintenance release that addresses known bugs and introduces Leopard support to the award-winnning eBay auction management solution.

Mireth Technology has released ShredIt X 5.8, the latest version of its file shredder and hard drive cleaner software for Mac OS X. This version adds support for Leopard as well as enhancements to the user interface.

Finally, developer Romain Pivetau has introduced LiveQuartz 1.7, introducing Leopard support to his free image editor for Macs. This version adds a new tool called "Background Eraser" that lets users remove a background from an image using click and drag.

LiveQuartz is a non-destructive image editor that lets users manipulate layers, transparency and also apply non-destructive filters to images.