The latest batch of Leopard compatibility updates includes software from Ambrosia Software TLA Systems, and the Omni Group.

Ambrosia Software has introduced WireTap Studio 1.0.1. The free update provides full Mac OS X 10.5 'Leopard' compatibility along with enhanced VU meters with "sticky peaks", plus the ability to upload clips to an iPhone for custom ringtones.

The update also repairs an issue on Leopard when registering for all users immediately after installlation could cause the registration to fail

TLA Systems has introduced DragThing 5.9.1, introducing support for the Spaces feature on Leopard, and including an option to specify that certain docks should appear in every space.

It also includes a new dock theme, "No Glass", that matches the appearance of the side variant of the Leopard Dock.

Finally, the Omni Group has updated OmniPlan to version 1.5, offering Leopard compatibility along with several improvements and stability fixes. Chief among the new improvements, the software now allows users to link to attachements within projects and support for Leopard's QuickLook technology.