Aquafadas has released its Digital Publishing system, which allows InDesign layouts to be turned into interactive apps for tablets and smartphones. It also provides an insight into Quark's forthcoming App Studio for QuarkXPress, which is built on Aquafadas' technology.

The solution includes plug-ins for InDesign, a tablet simulator called MyKiosk, the AVE Appfactory app generator, and the AVEpublishing web portal for app and content management.

Aquafadas says that by using its plug-ins for Adobe InDesign (below), designers can easily create complex interactive publications, enhanced with videos, slideshows, sound, and HTML5. AVE AppFactory lets users generate customized apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch without writing a single line of code. Aquafadas’ publisher portal, AVEpublishing, is designed to make it easy to publish and manage apps and their content.

Aquafadas isn't charging for its creative tools, and unlike solutions from the likes of Adobe, there's no need to pay-per-download, or share revenue. When an app and its content is ready, Aquafadas’ customers buy an app certificate and a publication license, both one-time, lifetime fees, with no strings attached. Prices start at $150/€100 Euro for an app, and $350/€280 for a publication.

As of today, Aquafadas’ tools are available for InDesign CS5 and CS5.5 for Mac. Support for Android and the Web, and a Beta version for Microsoft Windows will be available soon.

Quark's App Studio was supposed to be released by Monday, 90 days after QuarkXPress 9 shipped but no release day has been announced by Quark so far. As it's based on the same technology as Aquafadas' Digital Publishing system, Aquafadas solution should provide a good guide to what to expect from Quark.