New Zealand's Ambient Design has introduced ArtRage 2.5, a new version of its paint software for Mac and Windows.

The entry-level software offers a realistic simulation of using paint on a canvas, along with pens, pencils, oil paint, crayons, chalk, felt pen, a glitter gun and other tools.

This version introduces two new tools, a ruler and stencils. The ruler can be used to lock the cursor to the edge in order to draw a straight line, while users can create their own stencils for use within projects.

ArtRage 2.5 also now provides a virtual ‘toolbox’ for items that are placed on the canvas: rulers, tracing images or reference images that are used regularly.

The software also introduces features for advanced users - support for multiple layers and colour swatches. Images can be created in layers and layers can be moved, scaled and rotated independently or in groups. Each layer has its own paper properties and can be moved and merged with others.

Files created in Adobe Photoshop with named and group layer information now appear when opened in ArtRage 2.5, which can also export into Photoshop.

The software costs just $25 and is available now. A free edition of the software is also available for download and use.