A day after Apple released iQuiz, a pop trivia game that costs 79p at iTunes, Aspyr is offering iQuiz Maker, a free Mac OS X application that lets you make your own quizzes for iQuiz.

iQuiz Maker features a three-pane interface for crafting questions; allows users to configure iQuiz parameters such as whether a question is true/false or multiple choice, how many questions per game, and how many questions it takes to lose a game, it also lets you preview quizzes.

iQuiz Maker is free and only available for Mac OS X 10.4. A Windows version is in the works but won’t be released until May.

Quiz Installer is included with iQuiz Maker, but is also offered as a separate download for those who only want to play quizzes, rather than make them. Aspyr has also made some quizes available for download.

iQuiz requires iTunes 7.1 and a fifth-generation iPod.

Additional reporting by Peter Cohen, Macworld US.