If you were disappointed that the Mountain Lion 10.8.1 update didn’t fix the battery life issues on your MacBook, you may be glad to hear that tests show that Mountain Lion 10.8.2, currently being beta tested, should boost your battery back to previous levels.

Tests have shows that OS X 10.8.2, not only returns battery life back to Snow Leopard levels, if actually increases battery life by eight minutes.

The Mac Observer compared three Mac laptops before and after the OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion install and following the .1 and .2 updates.

The report claims: “The big change came with 10.8.2, which is still undergoing developer testing. Using what was the latest build when the tests were run, 12C35 (a newer build, 12C43 was released September 5), we saw a tremendous increase in battery life, to the point where running time was a few minutes longer than even that of 10.6.8.”

Owners of MacBooks, MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs began reporting battery life issues shortly after Mountain Lion launched on 25 July. According to user reports, battery consumption is considerably faster than before the upgrade to Mountain Lion, with a resulting shorter battery lifespan. Beta testers of the Mountain Lion OS X 10.8.1 update had claimed that it improved battery life for Apple’s laptops. However, testing found that while some increase in battery life was experienced on 2011 laptops, compared to the levels experienced after the OS X 10.8 update, the battery life is still less than that experienced prior to the Mountain Lion update.

The next update to Mountain Lion may come tomorrow in conjunction with iOS 6, the major new feature in 10.8.2 appears to be Facebook integration.

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