BBC Worldwide has adopted QuickTime 7 for the BBC Motion Gallery archive.

The Motion Gallery is the BBC's sales division for archived video assets, offering key historical events, features and more – 500,000 hours of footage in all.

Video assets are sold at production quality, clips are encoded in H.264 format in QuickTime 7, meaning previews are smaller and load faster than before.

Clip previews in QuickTime 7 also carry metadata, searchable via the Spotlight feature in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.
“Apple continues to develop industry leading tools to service digital video professionals and QuickTime 7 is no exception. BBC Motion Gallery is tapping into the strengths of this video format to offer premiere quality online preview clips with more robust search capabilities than ever before. Our Mac-based customers can also improve production efficiencies with our recently released BBC Motion Gallery Dashboard search widget, which enables near real-time searches directly from the desktop,” said Simon Gibbs, managing director of the BBC Motion Gallery.
"We're thrilled that BBC Motion Gallery is taking advantage of the amazing H.264 video compression in QuickTime 7," said Frank Casanova, Apple's senior director of Mac OS X audio and video product marketing. "BBC Motion Gallery is the latest example of how the industry has rallied around the fast growing H.264 standard."

The H.264 video codec allows extra large previews with superb clarity and flow, which can greatly enhance the creative decision-making process. The clips "work beautifully with Final Cut Pro and other digital editing systems," the BBC said.
BBC Motion Gallery is the exclusive global representative of the CBS News Archive, and has global distribution deals with NHK, Japan’s national broadcaster and ABC, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.