While pop culture’s obsession with vampires seems to be finally pumping the brakes, mystical creatures continue to be a prevalent gaming trend. Brawsome, the Australian indie game developers behind Jolly Rover, was at the Game Developers Conference to promote its latest werewolf-themed title, MacGuffin’s Curse. Due in October, the puzzle adventure game for iOS and Mac seems to be on track to supply gamers with both a captivating story as well as challenging gaming.

Inspired by the iconic adventure game, The Legend of Zelda, you play as magician-turned-robber Lucas MacGuffin as he attempts to steal a valuable ancient amulet. MacGuffin quickly discovers that the charm has the ability to turn him into a werewolf. You can switch between human and beast throughout the game; each one has different strengths and abilities needed for different parts of the game. You must try to escape a museum by solving a series of puzzles using the Lucas and the wolf.

MacGuffin’s Curse features comics hidden throughout the game, as well as post-game challenges. Brawsome hopes the additional achievements will keep fans coming back for more after they’ve completed the story. The game also provides ten locations to explore, hand-drawn art, and a large cast of characters.

Character concept art from Macguffin's Curse

Character concept art from Macguffin's Curse.