A new video tutorial series has been released by Infinite Skills, the company that offers eLearning and computer-based video solutions to individuals and businesses worldwide. The video series aims to help users learn how to get the most from Adobe Flash CS5.

The new training course employs real-time video-walkthrough and instructor-led sample projects, and has been designed to help users learn the basics of Adobe Flash CS5, as well as how it can be used in multiple design and multimedia workflows. Many popular Flash features are discussed, from basic vector drawing tools to more complex animation and video functionality.

The president of Infinite Skills, Mike Spaulding, said "We are excited to bring professional quality training to yet another one of the most popular programs in the Adobe Creative Suite. Because it offers a web-ready format, Flash is important on its own and as a way to share existing projects and art."

The lessons featured on the course are written and presented by author and technologist with years of software training experience, Andy Anderson. Anderson has written over 17 books about graphic and web design. He has also provided numerous governmental organizations and Fortune 500 companies with professional training services.

To begin, the Flash CS5 training provides a primer on the Adobe Flash publishing formats and user interface. Anderson then guides users through common challenges and tasks within Flash Professional while working to provide creative tips and advice in 138 individual lessons. The tutorials take the viewer through basic tools, settings, and functionality before moving into the creative process. Viewers learn to work with colour, vector graphics tools, symbol, and text effects before moving onto the more difficult process of animation. Anderson covers tweening, curves, and masks, which lead to achieving a wide range of results. Motion Video and Audio elements are examined at each step, followed by filters and special effects. The training finishes with a guide to publishing your Flash movie, helping viewers get their projects on the web.

"As Flash evolves as a format for web content and video production, Infinite Skills will continue to provide the training users want to stay ahead of the curve" Mike Spaulding said.

The complete tutorial video is ten hours long, and includes sample media files that allow viewers to participate actively whilst following the lessons onscreen. The training is compatible on both Mac and Windows, and is available for purchase as a DVD-ROM, or alternatively downloadable from the Infinite Skills website http://www.infiniteskills.com/training/flash-professional-cs5-essential-training.html. It costs £63.99, and can be shipped worldwide.

Suitable for beginners and advanced users, this tutorial series could be your solution to keeping on top of the rapidly advancing animation and web design program Adobe Flash CS5, used by many professionals and amateurs worldwide.