Belgian developer iNuron has announced the beta release of its Mc Nucle software for Macs. 

Mc Nucle is the first in a series of metadata management servers for home and small office networks. It turns your Macs into general-purpose metadata management servers that can be searched using Spotlight.

The software lets you remotely access the data held on your home or office network with certificate-based authentication and encrypted data transfer tunnels.

Mc Nucle integrates with the Nucle Browser, iNuron's free metadata browser for Mac and Windows. Application support is provided via the network bridge, the integrated iTunes server and UPnP AV compliancy. 

Mc Nucle is recognised as a network drive in Mac OS or Windows, as a music library in iTunes and as a UPnP media server.
iNuron managing director Jorre Belpaire says: "With Mc Nucle running on your Mac, you can really use your data remotely as if you were at home. You can play your music and videos at your parent's place, or use your holiday pictures to run a live slideshow on your friends' computer. No need to download first. No need for clean-up either. Just use your data at home from anywhere you are!"
iNuron is releasing 1,000 software licenses under a closed beta scheme for €29, including a free upgrade to a full version on final release.